IBM Domino 10 Verified Solutions

SWING PDF Converter and Seascape for Notes are Domino 10 Verified Solutions now.

Our tools are fully compatible with IBM Notes and Domino V10. The test has been completed on the Beta 2 release of IBM Notes/Domino V10.

SWING PDF Converter exports individual Notes documents or collections as PDF (and optionally XML) files. It is used interactively by selecting documents and clicking the toolbar icon within a Notes application or mail database. Additionally, it can be used via API, or by triggering server-based archiving jobs.

SWING Seascape exports Notes databases (or selected parts) as portable PDF+XML or PDF+JSON archives. Its web viewer lets you look through the archive in a browser, even without a server. Finally, the SharePoint Uploader module enables the easy uploading of documents to Microsoft SharePoint or Office 365, if needed.

Do you have a specific Notes data archiving or content transformation project you would like to discuss with us? Please send us your comments or questions.

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