Top 12 HCL Domino transformation providers in 2023

HCL Domino transformation requires expertise in both Domino infrastructure and application development. Here is our list of exceptional names in the field.

HCL Domino Transformation

HCL Domino transformation challenges

The winds of change have been blowing through the HCL Domino world for quite some time now. As a trusted platform for collaborative business applications for many years (previously known as IBM Domino and Lotus Notes), HCL Domino went through numerous changes, as a part of IT transformation and modernization initiatives.

HCL Domino transformation comes with several challenges. First, you need a deep understanding of existing applications and dependencies, platform and cloud migration requirements, the contemporary user experience, data migration, and archiving. Second, there is a lack of developers and administrators skilled in HCL Domino infrastructure and application development. Finally, there is the (perpetual) need to reduce the number of technologies that an organization uses. If you run lean, as so many successful organizations do, you probably don’t have the expertise and bandwidth to tackle these challenges alone.

Choosing an HCL Domino transformation consultant

What should you expect from a consulting company that can guide you through the HCL Domino transformation journey? A deep understanding of HCL Domino and Notes (Lotus Notes), in the first place. And dedication to client success, of course. But they should also demonstrate their track record completing similar transformation projects, whether it involves application migration, data migration and archiving, or Notes/Domino modernization.

Here is our list of some of the best IT consulting companies in this sector (in no particular order):

North America

WorkFlow Studios

“Bring us the IT/business problems you’re passionate about getting solved”, says the Workflow Studios team, whose consultants and technologists average about 20 years of IT consulting each. Besides other achievements, Workflow is proud of their Notes heritage. Over the years, Workflow has integrated HCL Domino with just about every technology imaginable—from corporate ERP and financial systems to manufacturing and engineering support, to cloud vendors such as Salesforce and ServiceNow. Today, Workflow provides viable solutions to archive or migrate applications to new technologies to match customer requirements and preferences.


MartinScott can help you formulate a strategy for assessing each critical application in your suite so you can properly determine whether you should leave it in Domino, migrate to Google Apps, SharePoint, or a 3rd party turnkey business solution. MartinScott has been focused on Lotus Notes/Domino applications development since 1996, and is both an HCL partner and a Microsoft Partner.

Point Alliance

Point Alliance has the expertise to overcome complex modernization challenges. With its in- depth knowledge of both Microsoft 365 and HCL Domino technologies from both an infrastructure perspective as well as the application development and integration side, Point Alliance offers analysis, application development, disaster recovery planning, application migration, and data archiving services. The company has been recognized as one of Canada’s fastest growing tech companies.

Roland Brooks Consulting

Roland Brooks Consulting specializes in corporate transitions, particularly in mergers and acquisitions, email and application migrations. In a ten article series on Keys for a Successful Domino to Exchange Migration, Roland Brooks describes in detail all the steps required to migrate from Domino to Microsoft, from pre-migration assessment to project close. In his follow-up Now that email has been Migrated, what about Domino Applications? he discusses the pros and cons of various targets for Domino Applications. These are unique and insightful reads for all organizations who are looking to transform their HCL Domino and Lotus Notes environments.

Binary Advisers

Binary Advisers depict themselves as a “legacy logistics company” focused on migrating companies away from Lotus Notes and HCL Domino. Their experts/advisers (many of them previously associated with Binary Tree company) have been involved in some of the largest and the most complex migration projects.

Cherry Bekaert

Cherry Bekaert is a leading national accounting, advisory and tax firm and member of Allinial Global. The firm describes its mission as follows: “We provide guidance and support that helps our clients in reaching their goals. We ignite growth through digitally enabled, industry-led solutions based on our Client Promise, and we will deliver this growth by empowering our people and investing in efficient innovative processes as we reimagine the future.”



acceptIT GmbH provides tailor-made IT services to medium-sized companies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The company focuses on process and workflow management solutions. With a track record of numerous HCL Domino transformation projects across a range of industries, acceptT is recognized as a reliable partner whose consultants have years of experience as Domino specialists.
Country: Germany

Domino People

Domino People Ltd, based in Dublin, is dedicated to providing best in class professional services for Lotus/IBM/HCL Notes Domino technologies and their companion products.
Country: Ireland

WebGate Consulting

The WebGate Consulting AG team of experienced specialists combines project managers, business analysts, system architects and senior developers & engineers. Their knowledge of both AWS and Azure platforms guarantee a flawless cloud migration of existing systems, including HCL Domino based applications. They also provide consulting services for Domino infrastructure and application modernization.
Country: Switzerland

XER Management

XER Management is specialized in project management, project controls and information management, supporting large projects and organizations globally. They are experts in system architecture and integration, data migration, process optimization, BI reporting and information quality. Extensive experience with all major software suppliers and platforms ensures independent optimized solutions and services.
Country: Sweden

Wegener IT Business Solutions

Wegener IT GmbH & Co. KG is a medium-sized IT service company and software developer based in Fürth/Nuremberg. The company’s focus is on the development of market-oriented, powerful, and future-proof applications. Their core areas of activity include application development, digitization and automation of business processes and workflows as well as document and email management.

Wegener IT GmbH & Co. KG supports well-known medium-sized and large companies from various sectors. Their references range from public sector institutions and financial service providers to companies from industry and production as well as retail.



With 5 office locations around Australia, 2 European locations, and a strategic global partner network, ISW is a Platinum HCL Partner and leading provider of managed services, expert consulting, support, and application development for HCL Domino customers. Delivering Domino system health checks, application performance assessments, transitions to HCL Nomad Web, modernisation and migrations from Domino to M365, and much more.

Transform your Domino and Lotus Notes infrastructure

Finding the right HCL Domino transformation provider is not easy. The elite providers mentioned in this article offer a diverse range of services, from modernization and migration to integration and cloud adoption. Therefore, take your time and talk to all of your prospective partners to see which one will best suit your specific needs.

Contact us if you’d like to hear more about best practices in the Lotus Notes and Domino transformation journey. And don’t forget to save your historical data. Our tools help thousands of companies to archive or migrate Domino / Lotus Notes data with high fidelity, accelerating their Domino transformation.

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