Extract content from IBM Notes databases with the new Seascape 2.0

Seascape for Notes brings new options for IBM Notes database exporting and archiving

Over the last few decades, organizations have been using the conversion of Lotus Notes documents to PDF to preserve content outside of IBM Notes and Domino. With the new release of Seascape for Notes, you can not only extract documents and views easier than ever, but you can also decide which kind of archive best suits you.

Seascape 2.0 lets you choose between three options: Full Archive, Plain Archive, and SharePoint/Office 365.

  • The Full Archive converts the Notes databases to a browsable collection of PDF documents and HTML/JSON views that mirror the Notes views. The resulting archive doesn’t require any installation. It is highly portable and can be hosted locally or on a web server.
  • The Plain Archive exports Notes documents as PDFs in a folder structure, with sidecar XML files to store your metadata. This option is similar to SWING PDF Converter’s output, with custom file-naming formulas.
  • The SharePoint/O365 option lets you upload exported documents and metadata into your Microsoft SharePoint or Office 365 library in just a few easy steps.

For any of these options, you only need a web browser or a PDF viewer to access your extracted Notes data—nothing else!

The extraction process has been improved in this release. Now, you can choose a single or multiple Lotus Notes databases for high-volume content extraction. Our built-in conversion engine guarantees high-fidelity rendering of Notes content in PDF or PDF/A files.

Another new module is the SharePoint Uploader. If you decide to move read-only documents to Microsoft SharePoint, you can do this right away. But, you can also keep your records in a Seascape archive. And, if you decide to upload them to SharePoint or Office 365 at any time in the future, then the SharePoint Uploader will upload records from the Seascape archive, together with selected metadata.

With the latest release, Seascape for Notes remains an attractive option for organizations who want to preserve their historical data at the business-object level (as business records), retaining the entire data context: forms, views, links, and metadata.

If you would like to discuss ways to extract Notes/Domino content, please contact us. Or, sign up for the free trial and download Seascape 2.0 to your IBM Notes workstation.

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