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Lotus Notes application lifespan

You can build modern applications on the new HCL Domino. But Lotus Notes? If your company is still using dated Lotus Notes applications, it’s high time to modernize or migrate.

Lotus Notes Database FAQ

Lotus Notes Database FAQ

Lotus Notes database FAQs for IT professionals who don’t have extensive experience with the HCL Notes and Domino platform.

Migrating Lotus Notes data to SQL

Have you been tasked with migrating Lotus Notes data to a relational SQL database, but you’re not familiar with Lotus Notes and are unsure how to proceed?

HCL Places Announcement

Will HCL Places replace IBM Notes?

While HCL says HCL Places is not intended to replace the Notes client, everything about it screams that’s just what such a product will do. – By Hogne Bø Pettersen