Archiving Documents and Emails from Lotus Notes to ECM Repositories

New SWING PDF Converter 5.5 adds ECM integration capabilities to let organizations archive documents and emails from IBM Lotus Notes to content management and records management repositories.

SWING Software announces today the release of SWING PDF Converter 5.5 for IBM Lotus Notes – a software tool for exporting Lotus Notes emails and documents into archivable PDF files.

The new SWING PDF Converter 5.5 exports documents/emails from Lotus Notes databases either to file system or directly to ECM repositories, such as Microsoft SharePoint, IBM FileNet, EMC Documentum, Alfresco and more. Lotus Notes Domino Administrators can set up automated archiving jobs with the following features:

  • Scheduled or executed on-demand, without end-user intervention
  • Run across single or multiple databases (e.g. user mailboxes)
  • Export specific folders, views or selections by custom formulas
  • Export metadata obtained from Notes fields and formulas
  • Direct output either to the file system or to document/record repositories
  • Customizable via user-defined scripts
  • The resulting PDF archives preserve the original document layout, file attachments, metadata, and document links.

Once you have your relevant Lotus Notes content archived in the ECM, you will benefit from the following advantages:

  • Business Processes: Archived emails can be read by all team members (with valid access). Emails related to a specific project or client are archived together with other related documents.
  • Records management: Relevant emails are filed as PDF or PDF/A files together with other kinds of electronic records. They are under the control of the ECM system according to the organization’s records management policies.
  • Migration: The access to content originated from Lotus Notes/Domino is preserved without depending on Domino email or application servers.

In addition to the centralized archiving capabilities, SWING PDF Converter enables business users to convert Notes documents and emails interactively, using the PDF icon in the Lotus Notes toolbar. By selecting documents and clicking the icon, users can save the documents outside of Lotus Notes.

Application developers can use the product’s LotusScript API or Java API by including the product libraries in their Notes/Domino applications. They can easily produce printable documents with custom layouts directly from Domino web applications.

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