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Lotus Notes to PDF

Have you ever wanted to export IBM Lotus Notes emails and documents into standard PDF format? Try out SWING PDF Converter for Notes. It is a powerful tool for Administrators, Developers and Business Users.

  • PDF icon in the Lotus Notes toolbar
  • Converts emails and documents into PDF (no additional software nor programming required)
  • Exports multiple documents/emails at once (as a single PDF file or as separate files)
  • Exports categories, folders, and document levels, preserving their structure
  • Archiving emails related to a client, project, case etc.
  • Not allowed to install on server? Install it locally.

Ready to use Notes-to-PDF

Lotus Notes has finally got a PDF icon for its toolbar. Whether you need a single Notes document with all its attachments to be converted, or you want to select multiple documents and convert them into a compound PDF or a series of PDFs – it is now just a click away! View a short demo:
Exporting Lotus Notes Documents to PDF.

The installation is quick and simple – if the SWING PDF Converter database resides on your Domino server, the deployment to individual Notes users or groups is as simple as sending an email.

Archiving from the Lotus Notes client

With SWING PDF Converter, you can archive any collection of emails and documents (e.g. project-related or case-related emails/documents) into either individual PDF (or PDF/A) files or a compact, searchable PDF Package.

A PDF Package is a single PDF file which acts as a container for other documents or email messages. It consists of any number of documents/emails with their corresponding attachments. It also contains a view with columns from the original Notes view (e.g. Date, From, To, Subject), so users can sort, search and navigate through documents/emails with ease – all this inside Adobe Reader. View a short demo: E-mail Archiving.

Batch archiving of mailboxes and Domino databases

Administrators can set up archiving jobs for automated export of emails and documents. These jobs can be executed either scheduled or on-demand, without user intervention.

Usage Scenario #1: An organization may want to extract all emails from specific archive folders across multiple users’ mailboxes, and save them as archivable PDF/A files. View a short demo: Automated Email Archiving.

Usage Scenario #2: It is also possible to export entire databases in a batch process by simply creating a new archiving job in SWING PDF Converter, selecting the databases (or even specific folders or views within the databases) and running the job. View a short demo: Batch Exports.

Archiving from Lotus Notes to ECM systems (e.g. Microsoft SharePoint)

notes-to-sharepoint PDF Converter connects directly to your ECM/DMS repository such as Microsoft SharePoint, EMC Documentum, IBM FileNet, Alfresco, Nuxeo and more. An archiving job can be configured so the resulting PDF documents are directed to an existing document repository, along with metadata obtained from Notes fields and formulas.

Once you have your Notes content migrated to the ECM system, the access to the content is preserved without depending on Domino email or application servers.

Relevant emails are filed as PDF or PDF/A documents together with other kinds of electronic records. They are under the control of the ECM system according to the organization’s records management policies. View a short demo: Exporting Notes to Microsoft SharePoint.

Premium Export Services

If you need to do a one-off export from Notes databases and do not want to install anything on your servers, you may consider our Premium Export Services.

See it in action:
View short demonstrations of the key features, or download a Free Trial.