Case Study Questionnaire

Case Study Questionnaire

If you have got a success story to tell about your experience with SWING software, we are eager to hear it – and possibly share it with other visitors to our web site. All we need are the answers to a few questions, detailed below.

SWING Software will not publish your story without your prior review and approval.

Case Study Questionnaire

  1. Challenge: What was the problem you were trying to address? Did you need to replace an existing system? Please describe your specific goals and priorities.

  2. Solution: What alternatives were you considering? Why did you choose this product? How did you implement it?

  3. How many people at how many locations use this product in your organization (currently / planned)?

  4. Results: What have been the main benefits of using this product? Please, be as specific as you can. If possible, use hard numbers such as number of documents or databases, hours, cost-savings, productivity, ROI, business impact.

  5. Quote: Please provide your comments here. What do you like most about the new system?